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Hello Everybody!

This time it finally has not been quite as long as last time. Still, lots has happened since.

For instance, I am typing this from a couch. A COUCH! Can you believe that? There are some simple things in life that become pure luxury if you haven't enjoyed them for a while. For a  year now, we have been living in the jungle in a tiny house with lots of animals and no couch. However, we got an offer from a friend to baby-sit his house until it is being sold. A REAL house. With a living room, and a dining area, and a real kitchen with a real countertop and a bedroom, and another bedroom. How wonderful. The only thing we did not like about the house was the paint: light green walls with a dark green stripe on the bottom (all houses have that here because of the frequent mopping).

So, we moved in yesterday, and have been painting all day today and changing the green to a wonderful "almendra (almond)" and off-white. It was worth all of the effort. So now we can sit in our hot-tub in the back patio (we have two patios as well) and enjoy the sight of well-painted walls and a very pleasant house, now even with some plants in the patios, even though we still have to add a lot more. But the beginning is made.

Another big change is that I now work in the city two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday. I have rented a room in a podiatrist's office and am starting a second clinic that way. It has been very fun, and also very educating.