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   Trip to a foreign country
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It's been a month already! I can barely believe it. Lots has happened in this month.

My ex-roommate and very good friend Janelle had decided it was about time for her to get married too (after all you have to follow the example of a good roommate!).

Janelle had asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and of course I was very happy and honored to be so. The day before the wedding the girls all hung out at a friends house, where Janelle proceeded to give us all foot massages. We were thinking it had the be the other way around, but she wouldn't sit still to receive one herself! In the mean time, everybody was helping in making (and "testing") chocolate dipped strawberries (mmmm!) in preparation for the groom's cake.


On the way to the rehearsal dinner we made a quick stop to take some good bluebonnet shots. Janelle got married April 17th in Grapevine, TX to a wonderful man named Scott. Janelle had picked her wedding date to be the same date as her graduation date from chiropractic school ("well, let's get it all over with in one day") so there was lots of fun activities: graduation rehearsal, graduation, wedding, reception...  

Unfortunately I cannot show you a picture of Scott, since on all the pictures I have his head is either turned away or awfully blurry... (camera shy?)

The wedding ceremony was beautiful, and the reception a lot of fun.


In the mean time Will, my brother had asked Janice to be his wife (he did good, in Brussels!). Will and Janice were nice enough to schedule their wedding only 2 weeks from Janelle and Scott's wedding, so I could make it one fun extended wedding-vacation trip. In the weeks between the weddings I visited my parents in Boston, where my sister also was, which was a bunch of fun. And as always, there was lots of shopping involved...

When we all returned to Dallas, it became a fun semi-organized madness. There were lots of people, including Nathan,  flying in from various places, especially Amersterdam, and of course they were all on different flights. How nice that Will only lived 10 minutes from the airport! We all slept in Will's house for the first couple of nights, then it became too crowded to fit in the two bedrooms and we moved to a hotel close by.

The wedding itself was beautiful. My sister and I had the honor of reading a bible verse during the service, (the picture is of me practicing!). Before the service we took lots of pictures, and Nathan and I also got a nice shot of us all dressed up. And of course one of my sister, who looked so pretty in her new dress that I had to share that picture with you.



The reception after the wedding was great fun. Lots of dancing, so Janice got plenty of opportunity to show off her beautiful dress. She looked stunning. 

After the wedding, I left to go back to Guatemala and tend the clinic. Nathan however, got a nice opportunity to hang out with his friends in Dallas. I'll let Nathan tell you about that:


Howdy friends and family,

As you can see in the picture above Annette and I did get to spend some of our vacation time together.  One of the things we are learning these days is we have to be creative with our time away from work.  When we tell some of our patients they need to begin their treatments with us three times a week then we need to fulfill our end of the bargain.  We don't feel guilty closing one or two days here or there but for a week or more is tough.  So what are we learning?  We need to hire an associate.  I am happy to report our Spanish has reached another level.  Don't get me wrong it's still bad, but now we speak our poor Spanish with more confidence.  It does make a difference.  Being able to actually communicate to our patients is a big bonus as well.  I believe we are on the brink of a big expansion of our patient base.  We were always told at school that you wanted at least 3,000 people to every chiropractor.  This was the minimum requirement when looking for a start up city.  There are 30,000 in Antigua alone and we are surrounded by many smaller communities. Anyway we are very excited and are looking forward to a time when we have some extra help at the clinic and Annette doesn't have to work those grueling 20 hours a week anymore.  The big bonus of course is vacation time together.  The picture above is with Jason Keeler, a real close friend from Toledo/ Dallas, and his girlfriend Jennifer.  I stayed at his house after Will and Janice's wedding.  Just like most trips it was too short and there is never enough time, but it was filled with a lot of fun.  After Dallas I was able to visit Banhi in Seattle.  She was a fantastic host as well.  She was able to show me her old home and her new home.  The only catch was her old house was full of these moving boxes.  A curious thing for sure.  I soon found out it was a moving party.  So we packed all her stuff into a moving van and drove to Spokane.  A short five hour drive away.  It worked out great because we were able to catch up on everything during the trip.  Banhi has a great new home and the picture below is about 5 minutes walk from her and our cousins Jenny and Howard's house.


  The view from her porch looks a lot like the one behind us.  It is a perfect Banhi home.  Made even better because she is closer to family.  That was a bonus to be able to see aunt Jane and all her daughters together in one city.  I do feel a bit sorry for the male population in Spokane.  Those girls are too good looking not to cause trouble.


Here is the newest member of the family.  Kingston is the little fella's name.  Jenny and Howard just had a new son.  It was a very successful home water birth.  A very tranquil way to come into this earth.  A beautiful baby and I am assuming he is a genius too.  He certainly already knows how to eat and sleep.  Congratulations to the parents.  As you know this changes many people around you.  Jane is now a grandmother.  I am sure she will use this new title to give added strength to her wise advice.  This also makes our grandparents into great grandparents.  We always suspected that anyway.


Well a lot has happened as you can tell.  We are now getting back into work and life in Antigua.  We are now into our second rainy season here.  It usually rains everyday around 4-6.  It is certainly less dusty these days and we are never in any hurry that the rain messes us up.  One huge difference is the yard is threatening to out grow us.  We may make a new morning routine of drinking tea while sharpening our machetes and then the new exercise would be hacking away at weeds.  You would be surprised at what grows out there.  In fact I think the title of a future update could be "Things we can eat that grow in our yard".  I am sure you will all be waiting on baited breath for that one.  Thanks again for all your support.  We will write more soon.

Love, Nathan and Annette 

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