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Quiropracticos de Antigua, S.A.

Dear Doctor,

Thank you for your interest in our clinic. We've put this page together so you can get a more visual image of our clinic in Antigua, Guatemala.

The clinic consists of one the waiting room, one treatment room with 2 drop tables (cervical and lumbar), a exam room/office with a Lloyd portable table, desk, TV with VCR (we show a short video in Spanish about chiropractic to those who are there for their first experience), and two x-ray view boxes. There are also two other small rooms, one room has been rented out to a physical therapist/massage therapist and the another one to an acupuncturist.  We rent the building for 450$ (US) a month.  There is a open patio in the back down the hall way.  We just put plants back there but have thought of placing a table and chairs there for some consultations.

The business structure is set up as a corporation. This allows us to work legally, even though we do not have residency (nor a work permit). The corporation is sponsored by a Guatemalan (required).  We have one employee who has been with the clinic since the beginning. 

We do pay taxes: 12% sales tax + 5% income tax (both after expenses: everything can be claimed, from airplane tickets to groceries.)

Equipment included in the price: two drop tables, portable chiropractic table, two x-ray view boxes, two desks (one in exam room and one in waiting room), book shelf, TV(13"), VCR, Spanish video,11 chairs, 2 chiropractic Spanish posters in frames (Back Talk Systems), one framed posture poster, work table, CD player, two model spines ( one nice one in the clinic and a subluxated one we take with us when we adjust outside the office), water cooler, white board, all of our paper work in Spanish, two accessory tables/shelves in the exam room, laptop computer, HP printer, and a really nice stapler.


Front of building                                   Reception area and Front desk


Reception room  -and-  hallway towards the bathroom, exam and treatment room. 



We treat our patients with Diversified, Thompson, SOT and AK. We spend about 10-15 minutes per patient. We do treat together in the same room. The clinic could be run by one chiropractor, if you make some adjustments.


Exam room/ office

Once again, thank you for your interest. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at

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